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Citizenship and Immigration Canada Work Permit and Visa Services

Canada Immigration and Citizenship Services offer a wide range of opportunities for applicants seeking to live and work in Canada. Perhaps you would like to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker, starting a business in Canada or you have a job offer and wish to get a Canadian Work Permit. Or perhaps you are interested in Migration to Canada as an investor in a Canadian Business, or as an Entrepreneur, or maybe you would like to gain a Canadian Student Visa or simply visit Canada with a Visit Visa for Canada. Whatever Canadian Visa you require, Maples Immigration Services can help you!

Most applicants interested in immigration to Canada may firstly like to temporarily visit Canada. If you would like to visit family and friends in Canada or create strong business / employment links, you can obtain a Canadian visitors visa for up to six months.

Immigration to Canada under the Canadian skilled worker visa is one of the most popular ways for potential migrants to live and work in Canada and obtain instant permanent resident status. We offer a free assessment with our online skilled worker visa application for Canada assessment, along with a free initial assessment of all your Canada immigration and work permit requirements.

Canadian Immigration as a skilled worker to Canada is an attractive option for most potential migrants who meet the basic requirements, as it is an independent points tested visa, which encourages migrants to apply even if you have not obtained a Canadian job offer or secured family sponsorship. You can even try our Canada Skilled Worker Visa Points Calculator and get a free assessment. The Skilled Worker Visa can lead to Canadian Citizenship after only two years.

If you have a Canadian job offer you can include this in your Skilled Worker Visa application for immigration to Canada. You may also like to consider applying for a Canadian Work Permit.

A work permit for Canada is issued to applicants with a solid job offer on a temporary basis only and on the condition that you work for the specific employer sponsoring you. The job offer itself should be one that can not be filled by a Canadian citizen and your efforts to recruit a Canadian citizen before seeking a foreign worker will be tested. As long as all the criteria are met then you can apply for a Canada Work Visa.

If you have a job offer and wish to obtain a permanent visa, you may be eligible to apply under the Provincial Nominee Program. You will still need to meet the basic requirements for this Canadian work visa and your potential employer must be trading in a province within Canada that is actively supporting the PN Program.

If you are not classed as a skilled worker, but wish to establish a business in Canada, you may like to consider Canadian immigration under the Canadian business visa options.

Canada welcomes business applicants with extensive business knowledge, settlement funds and the ability to establish and manage a successful Canadian business. Your intentions should be to establish a business that creates positive job opportunities for Canadian citizens thus making a positive impact on the Canadian economy.

However, if you have all of the above but wish to invest within the Canadian economy rather than create a business, you may be eligible to apply under the Investors category. Applicants with substantial funds to invest in addition to relevant business knowledge and experience should apply under this category.

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